Interactive woven installation created in collaboration with Brown University Italian Studies PhD student Leonora Masini for a Brown/RISD STEAM Exhibition "Discover: A Conversation Between Art and Science"

The installation is based on a recycling and car dismantling facility "Noseco" located outside Verona, Italy. It was founded in 1930 by a woman and currently owned by her niece. The video montage and sounds incorporated in our piece were shot at their facility. These working environments are noisy; they require the use of protective clothing, operational knowledge of industrial machinery, and physical strength. In reality, these professions are lead by all genders, but in media, rarely are they portrayed by genders other than a straight male. The installation aims to problematize these limited representations, by subverting them with footage of Noseco. As you view the piece, consider the sounds; clanking metal, roaring engines, beeping trucks: do you associate them to a specific gender?